The book is a masterpiece by Calvin D. Banyan (MA, BCH, MCPHI, A+CPHI, & OB) providing insights about the human inner life, their emotions, and all the powerful feelings that make up the bad feelings. The revelations in the book are unparalleled by any publication in the area of self-improvement. With the book, a message is conveyed that all feelings are good! It reveals the healthy side of emotions leading to success and personal development. You can take control of yourself with the revolutionary approach mentioned in the book to self-understand and improve.

Emotions do matter in our lives. Be it sadness, anxiety, happiness, and anger! All these have a huge impact on how we feel about our lives. But our emotions reach beyond the realm of feelings and influence us in different ways than expected. Even the words used by people for describing an experience have physical consequences. With the information inside the book, we can take control of what we feel and do. The details are essential today to understand the nature of habits, compulsions, and addictions.

The book tells us to

  • Are you frightened just at the thought of height?
  • Understand the meaning behind all our feelings
  • Find what we want out of life and how to be successful
  • Understand other people around us and improve communication with all
  • Overcome the negative thoughts in our mind or the unpleasant experiences in our life
  • Be more effective through self-improvement techniques (It addresses the parents, teachers and professionals, and individuals)
  • Overcome old habits and addiction that harms our life with negative consequences

About the Author:

Calvin D. Banyan is a multi-faced person and has a long experience of analyzing people through hypnotherapy. He is the CEO and Hypnotist at the Hypnosis Center in Plano, Texas. He trained and worked as a Psychologist at the North Dakota State Hospital. After graduation, he became a Family Therapist working for Lutheran Social Services. He did the graduation from the University of North Dakota with both BS and MA degrees.

Mr. Banyan is also an award-winning trainer and has been recognized with ‘Certified Instructor of the Year’ and ‘Educator of the Year’ by the National Guild of Hypnotists. He also published various scientific and hypnosis journals in reputed publications around the states. The person’s experience and level of compassion in the area make him a true achiever and instructor in the field of hypnosis.

Emotions play a crucial role in the way we think and behave. Our everyday feeling compels us to take actions and influence the decisions we do about our lives, both in the small and large amounts. His suggestions in the book are purely based on years of study on individuals during the interaction in his center and other places. One of his styles of hypnosis is hypnotic age regression that tells the individual to follow the symptoms of the problem back to the origins. The process is very different from traditional hypnotherapies and thus, a favored one in recent times.