It is absolutely normal to have a fear of heights (also known as acrophobia), and you are not alone in it! Fright is a common reaction to various kinds of things that our subconscious mind is unable to resolve. You are not in control of the subconscious your when facing a fear, especially fear of height. Overcoming the fright can be hard as it doesn’t just go away. Have you tried different ways to overcome it, but failed? Even the most promising solutions might be not enough to overcome the terror or anxiety. Try hypnosis for fear to get over the problem! I can assist you with clinical hypnotherapy to get over the fear of height or water.

Do you fear of water? The same hypnotherapy is useful to control the fear of water too! Healing Mind Body Hypnosis helps you remove all kinds of fear related to height and fear. You might have tried to face the fear head-on, but failed every time. The feeling of anxiety and panic might seem to take over everything in your mind! No matter what you do, when you are at height or in water the anxiety is normal. The hypnotherapy solution can do wonders in your life in controlling the fear.

  • Are you frightened just at the thought of height?
  • Do you feel anxious catching the elevator to the higher floor or climbing a ladder?
  • Do you fear to get into deep water?
  • Are you frightened to go to a sea or river sight, or even a swimming pool?
  • Is it sure that you suffering from acrophobia?
  • Are you thinking about the climb to a cliff-top or a tall building all day?
  • Are you getting exposed to height regularly and NEED to get over the fear quickly?
  • Is the height of fear holding you back in achieving your dreams?

STOP fear of heights with hypnotherapy from a clinical expert like ours! Imagine what your life will mean without the fear of height or water…….

Do not confuse acrophobia with vertigo! The later is one of the symptoms of the former or the fear of height. Vertigo is the sensation of ‘spinning’ even while not facing a physical sensation. But this is not necessarily acrophobia!

The Symptoms of Acrophobia Include –



Increase in heart rate


Fainting spells


Basically, phobia results from mental images associated with a stimulus like heights or water and addressing the unconscious mind to get over the fear. Contact me for fear of heights hypnosis therapy!

The Fear of Heights Hypnotherapy Services Include –

Hypnosis Sessions to Enhance Self-Confidence

One of the crucial ways to solve the inner fear regarding any stimulus is to appreciate the confidence in individuals. During the session, patients need to conjure the belief in your talent, skills, and strengths. It is about tackling the fear, whenever you perceive it next, with better confidence!

Prescribed Exercises

Specific fears from water, speed, and height do not vanish simply from talk therapies. The person needs to follow a certain regime and exercise to control the breathing.

Teaching Things to be Taken Lightly

Everyone thinks negatively at one point in life, which leads to anxiety and worry about an event. Your mind gets instructions to tackle the fear better with proper teaching.

Book an appointment with the expert for water and height fears. Here patients like you are trained to face the fear. Initially, it is a bit tough, but eventually, the things get settled down and the patient gets used to the stimulus they were scared of.

The phobia elimination hypnosis session is arranged in Coppell TX and Irving TX by large! You can also get my appointment for other places, but that needs to be corrected on call or email. The session will be an interactive one and you will be able to feel the difference from another recovery process in a quick time.

Hypnosis helps to neutralize your emotions or feelings for smoke, unhealthy diet, and other harmful cravings. Our 5-path sessions continuous 7-path self-hypnosis & quantum success coaching will have a positive impact on your life.

Call me today to know more about the process and book an appointment for a quick consultation.