Keep Reliving Your Childhood Trauma? Heal Yourself with Hypnotherapy.

Childhood Trauma

Childhood traumas can be debilitating. Flashbacks, overwhelming emotions, nightmares, and a constant feeling of insecurity – all these things can make daily life challenging. While most people don’t talk about the abuse they suffered during childhood, it doesn’t mean they are healed fully. No matter how successful an individual is at putting memories away, it is not enough sometimes. When left untreated, childhood trauma haunts for a lifetime.

If you have gone through a messy childhood that is affecting your present life, what you need is to healfrom within and not re-traumatizeyourself with painful memories over and over.Hypnotherapyis one of the most effective ways that assist you in healing from childhood traumas. It helps you reframe your memories and release the burden that you have been carrying all your life.

As you truly heal from childhood trauma, you also learn new ways of perceiving the same memories. And that phobia and anger fade away eventually.

Why Do Unpleasant Childhood Memories Bother You Even After You Grow Up?

Your limbic system – a part of your brain – is designed to support a variety of functions like emotion, behavior, and long-term memory. The same system is also responsible for your fear. It is designed to respond to a threat by fleeing, fighting, or freezing.

When you experience unpleasant situations or live under the shadow of someone who hurts you for a long time, your mind feels that the trauma continues to happen. Thus, your limbic system changes which further impacts how you respond or behave in the future. As years pass, you keep rethinking and reliving that trauma.

Also, we tend to remember bad experiences more than good ones and notice negatives more than positives. During childhood, you are too young to confront someone or some situation. This means you never had the chance to address and deal with the trauma.

Now when you have become an adult now, you are more equipped to confront traumas. All you need is proper guidance from a professional.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help You Heal From Childhood Trauma?

During hypnotherapy, you learn how to deal with those emotional bruises in a safe environment and how to frame distressing moments differently.

Along with this, you also learn new skills to overcome that trauma. Before you even realize it, you start living your life fully without causing pain to yourself with excruciatingchildhood memories.

What Makes Hypnotherapy Effective for Healing Childhood Trauma?

 Hypnotherapy addresses the root of the problem. When you treat ‘cause’ rather than the ‘symptom’, you are cured and healed fully. Hypnotherapy makes use of powerful methods like exposure, visualization, and suggestions to influence how your mind perceives that trauma. In other words, it changes the way you remember your traumatizing past(i.e. eliminatingthe root of your problems).

Hypnotherapy alsohelps you undo the damage caused to your limbic system due to trauma and provides you with greater control of your memories. Plus, it also helps in boosting your self-esteem and makes you feel relaxed.

At Healing Mind Body Hypnosis, we offer an effective hypnotherapy treatment program for healing from childhood traumas. If you are suffering from childhood trauma, please feel free to book a consultation.

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