Are you suffering from PTDS (Post-Trauma Stress Disorder)? Hypnotherapy has emerged to be one of the credible and evidence-based approaches to get rid of PTSD. It is the type of anxiety disorder that gets developed after being involved in some sort of traumatic event. Healing Mind Hypnosis helps out individuals with methods and tools to release PTSD from their minds. PTDS can affect anyone and is not only affects people involved in a war or severe fight.

The types of events that can lead to PTSD are –


  1. Witnessing violence or death or unexpected injury of a loved one
  2. Natural disaster
  3. Military combat
  4. Violent assault
  5. Serious road accident

It is entirely normal and natural to face a scary or potentially dangerous situation. It triggers reactions in the body aiming to save our life when threatened. After encountering a devastating situation, people experience the trauma of the event but gradually recovers from it after a short time. But, for some people, the situation takes time to ease. People might feel frightened and stressed, and have flashbacks long after the event, and during regular situations. It’s when these symptoms do not disappear and start to hinder everyday life that PTSD may be diagnosed.


Hypnosis can do much more than help you get rid of trauma! Contact us anytime to know the details about the therapy and book a one-on-one session.

How is hypnotherapy for PTSD effective?

There is a high success rate of hypnosis as a treatment option for PTSD. Hypnotherapy is a complex technique and works differently for everyone. The doctor or therapist helps the trauma patient to help determine if hypnotherapy is the right treatment to release PTSD. Are you currently seeing a therapist release PTSD? Make sure you consult with an expert for hypnotherapy.

PTSD consists of a series of symptoms that arise from a traumatic event and thus, the symptoms vary as per the individual. Do not worry! We provide hypnotherapy for PTSD in an efficient manner. The symptoms usually consist of –

  • Nightmares or bad dreams
  • Intrusive flashbacks
  • The anxiety leading to tension and physical pain
  • Overreaction to situations with seemingly little control
  • The outburst of rage or temper tantrums
  • Sleep disorders
  • Not able to relax the mind and body
  • Persistent stress, fear, and tension
  • Loss of memory and inability to concentrate

Trigger events can be very disconcerting for any victim of PTSD who does not either know they have PTSD or are unfamiliar with their own particular triggers. Hypnotherapy for PTSD is the evident-based approach that effectively treats the problem and helps you get rid of the traumatic problems. The people suffering from PTSD symptoms are likely to benefit greatly the therapy and release PTSD.

So, if you are looking forward to Hypnosis for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Lewisville, Dallas, Plano, Bedford, Denton, DFW Area, Flower Mound, Frisco, Coppell, or Irving TX Area, you can rely on Healing Mind Body Hypnosis. We are always happy to make your health and wellness better. For any queries or information, contact us today.


We use the proven methods and tools of transformation in hypnotherapy to treat PTSD. We provide you the tools needed to overcome emotions and behaviors causing leading to trauma in your life.