How Effective is Hypnosis in Healing Childhood Traumas?

Kid surfing from childhood trauma

Trauma is an overwhelming topic to bring up in conversation. People often don’t want to hear about it, even though 60% of adults report some kind of abuse or trauma in their childhood. Moreover, you hear even less about solutions to heal trauma.

Trauma can be hard to pin down. Sometimes, it is distressing to confront, so you try to rationalize it and continue with your life. That works in the short-term, but in the long term, childhood trauma can affect your stress response, cause chronic cortisol release, lower your emotional regulation, and bring up several coping behaviors that can hurt you.

By healing from childhood traumas, you will be able to unlock happiness, gratitude, optimism, productivity, and a renewed appreciation for life.

Overcoming Childhood Trauma with Hypnosis

You may be a grown-up adult by now, but you may still have an inner child within you, carrying the pain from the past. Your inner child is why you remember and replay the traumatic experience. As you couldn’t process the trauma with the proper tools as a child, you brought it with you to adulthood. And that most likely led to phobias, resentment, and relationship issues.

Fortunately, hypnotherapy can help you communicate with your inner child and heal them. Hypnosis helps you reposition your memories, enabling you to settle the trauma from your past. As you learn new and healthier approaches to processing these memories, the anxiety and fears eventually pass away.

Encountering Your Childhood Traumas

Childhood traumas can be hard to navigate, as you were too young to control or change the circumstance in which something or someone hurt you. But as you’re an adult now and learned to cope with troubling experiences, you can confront your trauma. You can also learn to resolve emotional problems that result from trauma.

With the help of hypnosis, you can learn to break free from your phobias. Hypnotherapy gives you a safe environment to heal and learn to resolve the conflict. The hypnotherapist will help you discover the way to approach your trauma from a different perspective.

You can then process it healthily and productively. As a result, you can remove the memory’s power of hurting you, allowing you to move on and live without the traumas.

Addressing the Effects of Trauma

With hypnotherapy, you can address your traumas in a better way as it goes to the root of the issue. Hypnotic techniques like exposure, visualization, and suggestions, can reframe how your mind works to eliminate the fear and anxiety, so you might feel when reliving the memory.

Even when there is no danger, trauma can make your mind feel like it’s continuing to happen, putting you in a perpetual state of anxiety. With hypnotherapy, you can reverse this damage to your limbic system (responsible for generating feelings of fear). You will be able to restore the control you’ve always had over memories and emotions, helping you relax.


Painful experiences are hard to process; thus, you require the proper support and guidance. Fortunately, hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to begin the healing from childhood traumas, helping to regain confidence and removing your fears.


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