Kid surfing from childhood trauma

Are you unable to get rid of unwanted childhood experiences? Looking for quick-fix healing from childhood traumas? You are at the right place to get a solution to fix the problem with natural therapy! Take part in hypnotherapy sessions or learn the art of self-hypnosis to eliminate the negative thoughts from your subconscious mind. EXPERIENCE BETTER CONTROL OF MIND WITH HYPNOTHERAPY.

A recent study at major universities in the USA has showcased that ‘70% of the adult population in the country has been affected by childhood trauma in some way.’ I am there to assist you to get rid of the uneven thoughts from your childhood with tried & tested hypnotherapy sessions. Any kind of childhood trauma leads to disruption & ill-functioning of the emotional system.

2 Major Kinds of Childhood Traumas –

  1. Big Trauma: It might be due to death or parents or any other dear ones, sexual or physical abuse, rape, the victim of fire, natural disaster, or witnessing a murder.
  2. Little Trauma: It includes being ashamed, non-life-threatening injuries, breakup, being bullied, or other kinds of mental shocks.

Experiencing a traumatic event without receiving the love and support need to be felt safe during or soon after the event leading to the development of dysfunctional & psychological responses as an adult. Our emotional system in the body gets disrupted as a result of childhood trauma. Being the hypnotist, my job is to get to the bottom of the childhood trauma and then replacing the thoughts with other meaningful & positive thoughts in your mind.

What does the hypnotherapy session include?

  • Healing from Childhood Traumas
  • Increasing the Positive Thoughts in your Mind
  • Reduction of Anxious Feelings
  • Increase of Self-Esteem and Confidence
  • Understanding the Functioning of Brain
  • Remove Obstacles Preventing the Achieving of Goals
  • Stop Negative Self Talk

Our hypnotherapy for trauma sessions is specifically designed to deal with the trauma you may have suffered in the past and maybe suffering now. Through hypnosis, we work with you to allow you to reconcile the event and move beyond it. Any sort of childhood trauma makes the individual emotionally vulnerable, if not physically. The hypnotherapy treatment provided here is meant to ensure the elimination of all kinds of negative thoughts and expressions from your sub-conscious mind! Feel safe and confident in meeting the challenges in a way that is more effective for individuals to deal with childhood trauma.

Overcome childhood trauma and remove any limiting beliefs or negative blocks that may be holding your adult-self back. You will be in safe hands all the time during the hypnotherapy session! There are no side-effects of the therapy and I assist individuals with various self-assessing techniques to control their minds in a better way.

So, if you are looking forward to Childhood Traumas Hypnosis services in Lewisville, Dallas, Plano, Bedford, Denton, DFW Area, Flower Mound, Frisco, Coppell, or Irving TX Area, you can rely on Healing Mind Body Hypnosis. We are always happy to make your health and wellness better. For any queries or information, contact us today.