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My name is Preeti Talati

I received my hypnotherapy training at one of the finest hypnotherapy schools offering the advanced program called 5-PATH® taught by Cal Banyan with Banyan Hypnosis center in  Plano Texas. I am a certified 5-PATH® Hypnotist, a certified 7th Path self-hypnosis® teacher and a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists.

My Education and experience combined with my inner sources help me to understand my client’s issues and find the finest approach that fits their requirements. Learning, improving and always keeping up to date with the latest techniques about hypnosis and hypnotherapy is important to me.

I am passionate about helping clients needing to release what is held in their subconscious that is holding them back and even affecting their physical health.

We are at times blocked from success in our lives by imbalances and memories that are buried in the subconscious mind. Subconscious memories and blocked emotions put into proper perspective can be released to the body can heal.

Once discovered I use certain tools and techniques to help release them and form a new way of subconscious thinking.

I provide a safe and comfortable environment to work together to compassionately transform your life.

I did my M.S in microbiology from India and then my Medical technology degree from the USA. After having a premature child, I went into the real estate field. I did  that for several years, but somehow deep down, I did not feel fulfilled. I had a spiritual side that needed to come out. However, a lot of negative beliefs held me back. 

I was holding back until I started 7th self-hypnosis® meditation. After the deep subconscious work, I dropped 42 pounds in 4 months. With the help of 5-path® and 7th path self-hypnosis® I was able to make profound and long-lasting changes rapidly.

Before 7th path

After 7th path

  • Remove Fears 

  • Remove Bad Habits 

  • Drug Abuse 

  • Motivation 

  • Public Speaking

  • Anger Issues 

  • Abuse Issues 

  • Concentration

  • Test Anxiety 

  • Procrastination 

  • Weight Loss 

  • Relationships 

  • Alcohol Abuse 

  • Stage Fright 

  • Pain Management 

  • Sexual Issues 

  • Self-Esteem 

  • Self-Confidence 

  • Shyness 

  • Improve Mood 

  • Children’s Issues

  • Stop Smoking

    And, More… 

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